Anna’s practice draws on personal experiences and memories of Soviet domestic environment and their encounter with Israeli culture. She explores how cultural transitions influence the formation of one’s sense of self as well the dynamics of relationships in the domestic sphere. She is also interested in pagan rituals and their role in the community.
Her work integrates these ideas and explores how the domestic space can become a ritualistic setting.

Working with mixed media techniques, Anna creates two- and three-dimensional objects inspired by Slavic pagan rituals and folkloric craft patterns and ornaments such as Khokhloma and Zhostovo. These are then juxtaposed with the late Soviet aesthetic of decorative wall papers, rugs, and porcelain figurines. She also incorporates contemporary art techniques such as machine tufting or digital embroidery. The materials in her work are assembled together abruptly to exaggerate their contradictory essence and charge the objects with estrangement to their surroundings.

In recent projects, Anna has been creating masks inspired by Slavic ritual traditions and by the Soviet practice of hanging carpets on the wall as means of protection from the cold, isolation from neighbours, and decoration. In this project, she explores the past as an ongoing experience which is both external and internal.

Anna is living and working in Tel Aviv and London.

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